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4 Iconic Footballer Haircuts – Get Inspired by the Best Players

4 Iconic Footballer Haircuts – Get Inspired by the Best Players

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Textured Comb Over + Tapered Sides

Letting the undercut grow out, Ronaldo opts for short tapered hair on the sides and a textured medium-length style on top. His clean-shaven face and shaped eyebrows add to this sleek look.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Textured Comb Over + Tapered Sides Letting the undercut grow out, Ronaldo opts for short tapered hair on the sides and a textured medium-length style on top. His clean-shaven face and shaped eyebrows add to this sleek look. The textured medium length on top combines style with professionalism and lets you know he means business. This look might not suit you if you have a beard because there will be a lot going on. If you are a bearded fellow, consider trimming it to a stubble or going for a shorter side to create contrast between facial hair and the crown. Speaking of crowns, just like this young King of Portugal we want you to feel like royalty as you leave one of our luxury barbershops in MailBox, Birmingham. That’s why we are masters of men’s haircuts and excellent executioners of luxury wet shaves in Birmingham.

Your best bet is Pompadour Paste because it brings a natural shine and texture to your hair.

Our Luxury Pompadour Paste is a flexible fibre gum that manipulates and separates the hair into the desired style.

Roman Weidenfeller’s Ear Tuck

The sides should be clipped with a #2 or #3. The hair in the very front should be about 2 and a half inches, while the hair on top should be around 2 inches. Finally, the hair in the back should be about an inch.

Which products are necessary to get Roman Weidenfeller’s Ear Tuck?

Use Flexible Shine by Pall Mall Barbers, because it provides a messy texturized look that can be re-worked throughout the day.

Luxury Flexible Shine Styling Product For Men that is a strong and pliable putty and is ideal for hair of

Lionel Messi’s Clean and Classic Hair Cut

Clean and classic cuts look great on Messi and are a great choice for active men. These cuts and styles are easy to wear and look great during heat, sweat and vigorous activity.

Which products should you use to get the Messi Haircut?

Light Dressing Cream by PMB, for a medium hold that looks and feels natural.

Luxury Light Dressing Cream that gives a natural finish and shine and has a medium hold.

Neymar’s Comb-Over Fade 


If your hair needs extra hold and can be unmanageable, then use our Pliable Clay or Workable Paste for good stronghold. If you’re luckier, and the cow’s lick is your only problem, then a spritz of Sea Salt Spray will provide light hold and leave you with a natural look


Visit The Best Barbers in London to get the Iconic Footballers Haircuts

Whichever style you opt for, always remember it’s the only inspiration and you should consult with a master barber at the best barbershop in Birmingham. Pall Mall Barbers, to get some advice on what would suit your appearance. If you do have a beard and want to integrate that luscious facial fur into the look, don’t forget that we are the beard specialists in London and our central London barbershops are the home of beard trims and wet shaves. Once you’ve decided which of the football start you want to be, you should head to an established, experienced, luxury barbershop in Birmingham to get the cut executed like A list Stars. Pall Mall Barbers are ready and waiting to set you up for the striking look you desire, just don’t do his celebration in the shop – thanks. If you’re unsure how to get the best out of your beard or you’re struggling to maintain it, you should come to the best beard barber in London, Pall Mall Barbers. Our experts will guide you through what you’re doing wrong and how to improve. You may have sensitive skin or a particular condition that is preventing your product from working so well. Perhaps it’s your routine, diet or even the temperature of water you use – our master beard barbers in London will get to the root of the problem and advise you on a solution. Feel free to ask your barber for a sample next time you’re in-store. Book your appointment with Pall Mall Barbers here.

Pall Mall Barber Birmingham Hair Services 


Every haircut at Pall Mall Barbers Birmingham starts with an in-depth consultation to understand your individual style and requirements. This enables our barber to recommend the right cut to suit you.

Once the cut has been decided, your hair and scalp will be washed and cleaned using our bespoke Pall Mall Barbers Shampoo. After your haircut, the barber will style your hair using Pall Mall Barbers Hair Styling Product and give you tips so that you can achieve the same look at home. We also offer a Restyle Service if you want a change.


A Re-Style consultation is perfect if you don’t feel that your current haircut fits with your style. Your barber will take the time to conduct a thorough consultation and come up with a range of styles to discuss with you. If you already have an idea of what you’d like, please bring any images along with you.

We’ll then cut and style your hair using the Pall Mall Barbers range of products and your barber will offer you advice on which products to use and how to apply them to reproduce your new style every day.

Clippers Back & Sides

If you feel like the back and sides need looking after more regularly than the top then this is the perfect service for you. Your barber will use clippers to trim the back and sides precisely and blend them into the top section if required.

This service can only be performed on hair without any styling product, so please wash your hair before coming and refrain from using any product.

Just Clippers

This service is perfect for the gentleman who keeps his hair short all over. Using just clippers for the service means we can provide quick and precise service to let you get on with your day.

Just Clippers with Wash

Extend your clipper cut with a Pall Mall Barbers wash to leave your hair feeling incredible. Your barber will also finish your cut with a straight-edge razor to give you the sharpest cut you’ve had.

Skin Fade with Haircut

Skin fades are one of the newest and most popular styles around and the team at Pall Mall Barbers Birmingham are expert barber will deliver you this hairstyle.

As with all haircuts, a skin fade starts with an in-depth consultation that also analyses the shape of the head, hair type and desired hairstyle to deliver the sharpest cut. Following the skin fade, your barber will start on the traditional haircut, blending it into the sides if required. The skin fade perfectly merges the traditional skills of a barber with the talents of a hairdresser.

Skin Fade (back and sides only)

Skin fades require more attention than regular cuts, and we recommend that the fade is trimmed every two weeks, to keep the haircut looking as sharp as possible. This service is ideal for the gentleman who wants to keep his skin fade on point all the time.