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How to Communicate with Your Barber in Easy 4 Steps

How to Communicate with Your Barber in Easy 4 Steps

Firstly, find a good barber

The best way to walk out of the barber with satisfaction. Find a barber who will treat you right! Pall Mall Barbers is one of the oldest and most respected barbering brands in the world. Since 1896 PMB has been at the forefront of the city’s male grooming scene and has set the agenda for the style-conscious gentleman for over 120 years.

Timing is everything

If you don’t know where to begin, just tell your barber how long it’s been since your last haircut, they will be able to work on your hair more efficiently.

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A picture says what you can’t

Show your barber photos of some variations of the hairstyle that you like. This will help them to suggest what can try to start with a hairstyle that will work for you by looking for pictures of people with a similar hair type to your own, e.g. don’t show a picture of curly hair if you have straight hair or vice-versa. If the hair type is much different to your own, then the cut isn’t going to look the way you picture it in your head. You could simply ask your barber what kind of haircuts suite you the most, they would be able to advise you.

Ask Your Barber What They Can Do for You

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Your barber has experience in cutting countless heads of hair to be able to make recommendations, so don’t be shy to ask what they think is best and trust their expertise.

You may have spent hours reading through guides like ours to put together what may be your perfect haircut. Although this may make you feel like preparation and research is enough, simply asking your barber for advice is vital.

Don’t be crushed if it turns out that he or she believes that what you want may not work for you. It avoids dissatisfaction with a disappointing result and a breach of trust with your barber.

Barber’s Favorite

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Did you know we develop our styling products, with the expertise of our barbers who have a combined experience of well over 500 years between them? One of our barbers’ favorite products is Sea Salt Spray, which works well all year round for lightweight hold and styling – and benefits anyone with medium to longer length styles. Ask your barber about it next time you’re in a store. Our Sea Salt Spray is perfect for a messy, undone look with subtle hold. Use it to create a fresh from the beach look with added volume and thickness.

Make your first impression count with Pall Mall Barbers

Birmingham Barbershop

Offering luxury barbering services and treatments from all our classic London barbershops, Pall Mall Barbers is your answer to the question ‘are there any nearby barbers I can trust?’. Established in 1896, we’ve got the know-how, the products and the master craftsmen standing at each chair ready to prune and pamper you to perfection. Save time looking around and book in at your local Pall Mall Barbers via our website here.

If you’re searching for Barbers Birmingham City Centre, then you’ve come to the right place!

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With experience comes expertise, and with expertise comes reputation. If there’s one thing you want to have when you’re getting a haircut, it’s the comfort of knowing you’re in a safe, skilled pair of hands. When you walk into Pall Mall Barbers Birmingham City Centre, you can expect to be greeted like a member of our family and welcomed to one of our classic, comfy, leather chairs. This will be your throne forever if you choose to pledge your loyalty to us.

Our grooming empire had its humble beginnings back in 1896 in London, and since then we have grown to multiple stores including one across the ocean in NYC. With experience like that, we can genuinely call ourselves experts in our field.

We’ve delivered excellent grooming experiences to gentlemen for so long, we’ve fine-tuned the way in which our treatments are performed by our master craftsmen and women. We believe beauty and time go hand-in-hand, which means a masterpiece can’t be created in a rush.

Who are the best barbers Birmingham City Centre has to offer?

Pall Mall Barbers | Best Barbers Near me | Pall Mall Barbers Birmingham

In order to state our claim to be the best barbershop Birmingham City Centre has to offer, we have to come with a convincing argument. To start with, we bring finesse, sophistication and deluxe grooming services. These elements of our in-store experience have been refined over the years. Our master barbers will consult you before cutting, advising you on what’s best and how to match your style with your shape. They are the artists and the architects of your head and facial hair. As our experts, they are dedicated to treating you to a special experience each time you enter our store.

What truly separates us from the rest of the barbers Birmingham City Centre proffers, is the attention to detail and level of care. We have our own extensive range of products which are carefully created for you to cultivate and maintain your desired look from the comfort and leisure of your home.

Do you want to attend a barbershop like that? Then pay us a visit at the Mailbox!

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How to book an appointment

We haven’t been delivering men’s haircuts in Mailbox Birmingham for long but we’ve already established our reputation as the best around. If you searched ‘men’s hairstylists Mailbox’, ‘beard trimming Mailbox’ or ‘men’s haircuts Mailbox’ you would have found our details. If you didn’t get them, you can find us at 6 Wharfside Street, Mailbox, B1 1RD

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