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How to get the Jos Buttler haircut

How to get the Jos Buttler haircut

Jos Buttler, England Cricket vice-captain, recently stopped by our Birmingham barbershop for a trim and was happy to pose for a photo with our talented barber Sally, who tells us how to get his look – a great hairstyle for anyone with a cowlick!

jos buttler haircut2019 World Cup Winners visit Pall Mall Barbers

We’ve been thrilled to welcome a number of England cricketers to our Birmingham barbershop this World Cup season – including Jofra Archer who bowled our super over – going on to win us the whole thing! Ben Stoakes, Liam Plunkett and Liam Dawson also visited our new Birmingham barbers at the Mailbox. Our champion team has made us proud – and we were honored to get the guys looking sharp for the big occasion.

How to ask for the Jos Buttler haircut

To get Buttler’s look, you need to ask your barber for a 1.5 on the back and sides tapered around the ears and tapered down to a 0 at the neck.

For the top, ask your barber to point cut the top to add texture and remove weight. This haircut also has a soft parting so be sure to mention that as well.

The front of the hair should be left slightly longer than the rest of the top – giving you versatility when it comes to styling the hair.

Jos Buttler Haircut

What Sally said about the haircut

“Jos has the perfect style for anyone who has a cowlick. It’s a clean and short hairstyle with good length at the front to create the perfect sweep over. The top is nicely textured allowing the style to change from up or messy at the front, or pushed over to the one side, leaving a soft side parting.”

Jos Buttler Haircut

What products to use

If your hair needs extra hold and can be unmanageable, then use our Pliable Clay or Workable Paste for good stronghold. If you’re luckier, and the cow’s lick is your only problem, then a spritz of Sea Salt Spray will provide light hold and leave you with a natural look.

What’s a cowlick?

A cowlick or cow’s lick is where a section of hair stands upwards or at an angle that doesn’t follow the rest of the hair – typically in the fringe section – and can make you think that having a style is a pain – but it needn’t be! Simply ask your barber how they can work with your cowlick to create a style that works for you.

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