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Looking for the best Barber Birmingham has to offer? Look no further!

Looking for the best Barber Birmingham has to offer? Look no further!

Pall Mall Barbers is setting up in Birmingham, here’s why

We’re packing up our bags of barbering tools and heading to the bright lights, bringing our deluxe grooming experience to the gentlemen of Birmingham. We are on a mission to be the best barber Birmingham city centre has to offer. From classic techniques to modern styles, our refined men’s grooming service adds an element of relaxation and therapy to a busy man’s day. You need to trust your barber and we’re confident we can be the reliable barber Birmingham city centre has been crying out for. This isn’t our first time expanding, we’ve achieved success with our grooming excellence with 6 stores in London and 1 in New York. Birmingham, you’re up!

Where is Pall Mall Barbers Birmingham?

You’ll find our Birmingham barbershop located at The Mailbox in central Birmingham just a short walk from Birmingham New Street.

6 Wharfside Street, Mailbox, Birmingham, B1 1RD.

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Best Men’s Barbers Birmingham City Centre | Men’s Barber Shop

Are you looking for the best Barber Birmingham has to offer?

To be the barber Birmingham gentlemen tell their friends about, you need to have the right recipe for delivering unrivalled grooming services. In fact, it must become more than a service and evolve into an experience like no other without being overly pretentious. There are a few key criteria you should keep in mind when wondering whether you go to the best barber Birmingham has to offer.

Firstly, are they credible? Credibility is made from two branches – experience and quality of work. Many barbershops set up but aren’t trained in the same way or don’t have the same years of haircutting heritage under their belts to call themselves well-established experts in the field. Pall Mall Barbers can trace its origins back to 1896 in London, since that time we have expanded across the city, over the Atlantic and now up to the Midlands to be the best barber Birmingham has ever had. We serve thousands of gentlemen every week with traditional techniques, modern styles and unique Pall Mall hospitality – will you join them?

To be the best barber Birmingham has, you have to care

Another thing to consider before searching for ‘best barber Birmingham’, is whether the staff in the store actually care about your overall appearance, style, and even skin condition. Perhaps the usual barber Birmingham dwellers go to doesn’t actually know how to consult with such detail. Everything we do is for a reason, so from the moment you sit down, our master craftsman will assess your chosen hair cut, your face shape, your skin condition and even advise you on how to maintain your desired style at home. We’re not here to just cut, snip and shave before showing you the door. We’re here to enhance your appearance and equip you with the tools to look good and feel good all the time.

In order to claim to be the best barber Birmingham has ever had, we offer an unrivalled experience which has been refined to perfection. From the moment you take your seat, you’ll be whisked off into a world of relaxation at the hands of our trusted artisan barbers. Our team is passionate about what they do, determined to deliver you a grooming service you’ll want to tell everybody about. That’ what gives us the right to fight for the title of best barber Birmingham has ever seen.