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Our aim: To be the best barber shop Birmingham has ever seen

Our aim: To be the best barber shop Birmingham has ever seen

Pall Mall Barbers is here to stay in Brum, for good

We’re coming up from the Capital to bring luxury barbering services and treatments to the bright, bold gentlemen who want a barbershop Birmingham can be proud of. With our lavish barbering tools and classically trained techniques all in tow, this is a mission to emulate what we have achieved in both London (6 stores) and New York (1 store at the Rockefeller Center); that is, creating a barbershop Birmingham natives and newcomers can come to for generations to come.

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Where is Pall Mall Barbers Birmingham?

You’ll find our Birmingham barbershop located at The Mailbox in central Birmingham just a short walk from Birmingham New Street.

6 Wharfside Street, Mailbox, Birmingham, B1 1RD.

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Are you looking for the best barbershop Birmingham has to offer?

When it comes to distinguishing the greatest barbershops from the standard ones, there is a simple test you can conduct. Firstly, you ought to take into consideration the level of credibility the brand and the business have, in terms of skin in the game. In other words, are the new boys on the block with big mouths or established experts with evidence to back up the claims. Pall Mall Barbers boasts a haircutting heritage which dates back to 1896 in London, growing from a single historic store into a chain which crosses the Atlantic serving thousands of gentlemen every week.

It’s about caring as much as it is cutting

The second item on your list of things to look at when choosing the best barbershop Birmingham offers is whether you receive any consultation before the cutting begins. We don’t stand on ceremony too much but we do think it’s important to provide you with an experience so that you can fully relax and enjoy being pampered, away from the stresses of everyday life. More significantly, the reason this is something to consider is that your barber should be engaging with you to understand what you want, whether your hair, face shape or skin type is conducive for it and offering you advice. Advice could range from which treatment to get, to which products you should use to maintain the style you desire. Our barbers are artisan craftsmen who are proud of their work and passionate about sending you off with a new head of hair and one that’s equipped with the knowledge to keep it styled to your taste.

We fix up so you can look sharp

Thirdly, we reckon the top barbershop Birmingham can boast about should be one which cares about its own presentation. How can a messy, poorly designed grooming room look after your appearance if it doesn’t bother about its own? It’s in our DNA to design our stores in a way which is clean, classic, pristine and perfect for guys to relax in a hairdressing haven. It’s not just the way our store looks but our products too, we invest copious amounts of time and effort into getting them just right. Some people are house proud, we’re hair proud and it’s what will make us the best barbershop Birmingham has ever had.